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3 Reasons Fire Ants Flock to Your Home

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If you thought regular ants were bad, you will despise the Southern Fire Ant. These ants are known to be brightly red-colored and sting any human that dares cross its path. These ants may look underwhelming; however, their stings burn and itch for days after the attack. We aren’t just talking about a singular ant too, fire ants like to stick together. This means that if you get in the way of one, the others are not too far behind. While we usually do not see these ants in the home as often as the typical black colored ant, it does happen from time to time. The only way to keep out is to learn what exactly it is that attracts them to the house. This is important for the sake of yourself and the sake of your home. Once these ants make themselves at home they tend to do some damage. To avoid these problems keep reading below to learn what not to do.


Movement of Plants

This doesn’t help everyone avoid these ants, but if gardening or keeping flowers in the home are things you like, then this applies to you. Having flowers or plants of any kind be moved from outdoors or a store inside your home can cause fire ants to make your home theirs. Even having a few of these ants is just enough for them to create a whole nest and tribe. To avoid having this problem we recommend looking over and washing any plants that come from stores. This way if there is a fire ant or any other bugs on your plant, you can get rid of them before they call your home their home. This is also true of any plants you have grown or had sitting outside. Fire ants love plants and will quickly flock to them when outdoors. Examining your plants before moving them around will save you a larger hassle in the long run.


A Messy Home

Similar to other kinds of bugs, having a messy home will attract fire ants. Bugs, like us humans, require food, shelter, and water. These are all things your home can easily provide given they get access to it. Cleaning up all food crumbs and messes rapidly will turn ants off from entering your home. This doesn’t just apply to human messes either; clean up your dog’s messes and any food they have left behind. Ants love dog food and will be more drawn to your house if its frequently laying around. Another pro tip for cleaning up, never let the trash be dumped too close to your home. Having your trash near the lawn and the home will attract ants inside your home. If the trash is going outside make sure to put it as far away from your house as possible.


Faulty Construction Practices

This reason for fire ants is not always in the control of the homeowner; however, it can be a large contributing factor to why fire ants flock to your home. An aspect of this you can control though is properly sealing windows. Fire ants like to creep in through a variety of ways. Leaving windows open or not sealed correctly gives them the perfect opportunity to sneak into your home. Be sure to also regularly check any holes or cracks in the walls, especially those near plumbing. You may not notice the ants at first, but you will eventually notice soil or dirt in these areas. Fire ants like to bring these supplies into your home so they can make their living situation while in your home. If you see this then call an exterminator right away.


Fire ants are not enjoyable to approach outdoors and most definitely are not enjoyable when seen in your home. To keep them out of your home, making sure you do not do the three items above will help. Although, if you already have noticed soil, dirt, or ants in the home, then it’s time to give our team at Quality Pest Control a call. To learn more about fire ants and what attracts them to your home, give us a call today!

Everything You Need to Know About the White Footed Ant

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Everyone is aware of what ants look like and how there are different kinds. But, not too many people are aware of what a white-footed ant is. These kinds of ants are one of the more common kinds that are known to be culprits of infestations, making them even more important to be aware of. Coming in at about one-eighth of an inch long, these ants are tiny. They are recognizable by their black body with pale white color at the end of all of its legs, hence where the name white-footed ant comes from. While these ants, unlike the red ant, do not sting or bite, they can be quite a nuisance to have in your home. While you can get rid of some of them on your own, if the infestation has grown to be rather large then it may be better to call in the pest control experts. Here at Quality Pest Control, we know how stressful it can be to deal with an infestation, which is why we are dedicated to helping you with all of your pest problems. If you think some of the characteristics of these ants match those in your home, save yourself the hassle and give us a call.


Where Can You Find the White Footed Ant?

White-footed ants can usually be found in the southern part of Florida. These ants love the warm, humid weather and often are found outdoors in nests. These nests tend to be underneath objects such as trees, potted plants, bricks, and mulch. Although, once these ants get established within your home they can set up shop inside your walls, under household objects, and in the carpet.


How Do White Footed Ants Behave?

These ants typically do their feeding at night, making them harder to spot once they have made themselves comfortable in your home. Some of the things they like to feed on are honeydew, nectar, water, and sweet liquids of any kind. This makes them more likely to enjoy items in your kitchen as compared to other bugs. Similar to other kinds of ants, the white-footed ant will have some of its colony go out and get food to eat while others stay behind to lay eggs. In contrast to other kinds of ants, the white-footed ants do not like to share food with others. Because of this the other ants that stay behind will lay eggs called trophic eggs and eat those instead of the found food.


How You Can Prevent These Ants

These ants can be prevented through a variety of methods such as eliminating any piles of bricks, lumber, or other forms of debris from your property. These items are the perfect location for white-footed ants to set up shop. The last thing you want is these objects finding their way close to your home and leading ants right into your house. Keeping these landscape items as far away from your home as possible is another great method for keeping the ants away. We understand that you can only put them so far; however, even pushing them back a few inches can help. We also recommend checking out your sprinkler system and the direction the water goes. If the water looks to be spraying on to your home then you should look into moving the sprinkler head to face another direction. The constant water being sprayed on your home can attract the ants and cause an infestation to occur.


If you have seen these ants, or any other bugs, inside your home and think something is off, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We can make sure we come on out to your home to evaluate the situation for you. When it comes to infestations, it’s never a bad idea to be overly cautious. The thought of living with bugs inside your home may be a disturbing one, but that isn’t even the worst part of the grand scheme of things. Bugs are also known to do severe damage to the home the longer they inhabit it, making it that much more important to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. To learn more about white-footed ants and our extermination process, give us a call today!

What Kind of Pests Do We Remove and Exterminate?

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Living in Florida we are known for our variety of pests, from insects to wildlife, we truly are home to it all. This can be great as nature is enjoyable; however, pests always come with some problems when they intrude in our homes or property. While we can’t control the occasional roach or ant seen in our homes, we can get rid of infestations. An infestation is when there is an abnormally large number of insects or animals in a place, or in this case your home. When this happens it can traumatic and disturbing for those who have to leave with it. Not only are these pests and animals unsightly in the home, but they also can do a lot of home damage and carry diseases. This can be a very expensive and unhealthy problem to have. When it comes to an infestation the only way you can stop it is through extermination methods. This brings us to the most common question we get asked here at Quality Pest Control, what kinds of pests are we able to help out with.


Here at Quality Pest Control in Cape Coral, Florida, we can help out with many different kinds of pests. We understand how horrible leaving in an infestation can be and will try and use all of our resources to help you out. Whether you know you have an infestation or are just suspicious of one, we are here for you.



One of the worst infestations to deal with are cockroach infestations. These pests are known by their large in size appearance and dark-colored shell. Roaches are known to come out at night, making it harder to know if they are infesting your home. These pests like to hide in narrow areas such as walls, beneath carpets and mats, and drains.



Termites infestations do not happen as often as some of the others, but they can do some of the worst damage. These pests like to live inside the walls of your home and will feed on anything with wood. This can spell out to be a lot of trouble for those with wood furniture and foundations in their home. Termites are recognizable by how they travel in swarms and their unique droppings.



While ants are one of the most harmless kinds of infestations to have, they can be frustrating. Ants are those pests that never seem to go away no matter how hard we all try. From all of the baits and traps out there, you would think there was a better way to get rid of them, but extermination is the only real way. You’ll know you have an infestation on your hands when you see these pests in large amounts wandering around your home.


Honey Bees

Honey bees have garnered more and more attention in the past years after making the endangered species list. These pests do not mean any harm; however, they do tend to slip into our homes sometimes. If you can avoid killing any of these bees we would recommend that, although, we understand that sometimes we cannot avoid spraying them. If you begin to notice an increase in honey bees on your property give us a call and will come on out and safely relocate them for you. This way you and the bees remain safe and unharmed.



Wildlife extermination and removal are some of the least commonly used services we offer. While people do not tend to think of wildlife when they think of Florida, we still have many critters that can be pesky. Animals such as raccoons have been known to cause many problems on people’s property with their homes and their trash. If you have seen a raccoon constantly rummaging through your trash then it may be time to have us safely remove the raccoon for you.


If you think you may be dealing with an infestation but are unsure, it’s never a bad idea to give us a call. Our team can come on out to your home and exam the property for any bugs or infestations. Best case scenario you were overly cautious and have peace of mind, worst case scenario we find an infestation and can discuss extermination options with you. When it comes to pests, it’s always better to be safe and protect your home and health than to be sorry. To learn more about pests we exterminate or to schedule a visit, give us a call today at (239) 540-2359.

A Few Common Roach Bait Mistakes People Make

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We all pass roach bait in the store from time to time and hope we never have to be the ones using it. However, there always comes a time when we have to swallow our pride and make that purchase. Having a roach or roaches in your home does not always mean that your home is messy, dirty, or unkempt. Sometimes, roaches simply just appear up a drain or from other random points of entry. Regardless of where they came from the goal is to get rid of them as fast as possible. Roaches are known to multiply fast and attract even more roaches to your home. This not only makes the situation time-sensitive but also quite stressful. If you have found yourself in this position then you are going to want to use this guide to make sure you are using the roach baits correctly. Many people do not use them as intended and end up putting their pets and kids at risk along with wasting time and money. If you follow this guide and worst-case scenario cannot get rid of the roaches or have even seen more, then our team at Quality Pest Control is here for you.


Mistake #1: Putting the Baits in the Wrong Area

This is a commonly seen mistake in households across the country. Although it’s a small mistake, it will make the baits dramatically less effective in getting rid of your roach problem. These baits are mixed with different ingredients to make roaches attracted to them, but this won’t work no matter how strong the bait is if the bait is placed in the wrong part of the house. Roaches are not going to want to go across the house to check out your bait if they can find all the food and water they need in your kitchen. That is why strategically having them placed in the areas you commonly see the roaches will make all the difference in putting a halt to your problem.


Mistake #2: Contact Killers

Another commonly seen mistakes people make is using the roach baits with contact killers. Using more supplies of roach killers sounds great in theory, but in reality, it will not work. Contact killers are those pesticides you spray and kill roaches, and other bugs, on contact. The reason this spray and baits do not work well together is that the contact killer will stop the roach bait from working. The roach bait works to attract the baits by the series of ingredients they contain. Once the roach that approaches the bait gets poisoned it will continue on its normal path back to where the nest is. It will then produce poisoned feces that will kill off all of the other roaches. Contact killer is great if you see one roach occasionally in the shower; however, in an infestation situation, you want all of the roach’s dead, not just the one you happened to see.


Mistake #3: Placing Baits in Areas Children and Pets Can Reach

The common concern parents have when it comes to baits is that the poison inside the trap will harm their children and pets. While yes, these baits are dangerous to children and pets, it’s not for the reason you think. The tiny amount of chemicals in the bait is not enough to kill or harm a child or pet. A roach is significantly smaller meaning the number of chemicals doesn’t need to be much to get the job done. However, kids and pets can be harmed by choking on baits. Both kids and pets commonly put things in their mouths without knowing what it is, this is usually harmless but when it comes to baits it could cause some serious issues. Putting the baits on higher to reach places or behind furniture where kids and pets cannot access them is the smart move.


By following these tips you should begin to see some improvement in your roach situation. Sometimes the baits will work without the proper use of them, but in most cases, the roaches are simply not going to go for them unless they are strategically used.  If you seem to be doing everything right as far as this guide goes and still are not seeing any improvement, or even worse, more roaches are showing up, then you may want to consider reaching out to our team at Quality Pest Control. Sometimes the baits work but in the severe cases of infestation, they will not always do the trick. To learn more about roach baits and roach exterminations, give us a call today at (239) 540-2359.

Your Guide on How to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Trash

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When we think of wildlife we tend to think of animals such as bears and deer, but wildlife comes in all shapes and sizes. In Florida for example, we see wildlife commonly in the form of raccoons, opossums, and rats. Regardless of how big or small, it’s important to keep in mind that any wildlife can pose a problem for you as all wildlife seems to like human trash. While you may think what’s the big deal if animals go through my trash, there are many reasons this can become a problem for you. When wildlife decides to have a free for all in your trash they not only leave a mess behind for you to clean up but they also create a health hazard. When this happens our team at Quality Pest Control is more than happy to come on out and remove the wildlife from your property, but this is only a temporary fix. To keep wildlife away from your property and your trash in the long run you are going to need to use some preventative methods.

What Preventative Methods Keep Wildlife Away?


Keep Garbage Inside

The easiest way to prevent any wildlife animals away from your trash is by keeping the trash inside your home until trash pick-up. If you have a garage attached to your home then we recommend storing all trash and receptacles there while waiting until trash day. This way the trash is not directly inside your home but is also not by the driveway where wildlife can have a go at it. If you must keep the garbage can outside then we recommend avoiding throwing any food out until you have gotten closer to the day the trash gets picked up.


Upgrade Your Trash Can

This solution is another one that can benefit people trying to avoid wildlife from picking at their trash and is especially great for those who cannot keep their trash inside their home or garage. There are now many options when it comes to trash cans with some of these options being wildlife resistant. The average trash can has an easily opened lid that is not secure in the slightest. Even if wildlife was not digging in your trash the wind could easily have knocked your trash can over and made the same amount of mess. The best way to just avoid any trash problems is to get a receptacle that can only be lifted with a heavy handle such as metal. Metal trash cans prevent animals from being able to bite or lift the lids, securing your trash. When you use the plastic cans you are allowing animals such as raccoons and opossums to use their sharp teeth and bite holes into the trash. We know how crazy that sounds but these animals’ abilities are not to be underestimated.


Limit Scents

If you have ever driven past a garbage mountain in Florida then you know exactly what garbage smells like. The scent is as unique as it is equally disgusting. However, animals do not share this same level of disgust when they get a whiff of the smell of trash. All they are thinking is that they have an opportunity to get food. The best way to combat the powerful scent of garbage is to get a heavy-duty metal trash can that has a more secure lid to it. This way odors are less likely to escape and attract wildlife to your home. Another method we have seen work wonders is double-bagging trash. Double bagging is an excellent way to add another layer of protection for your trash while also eliminating the odor. This method is a true win-win for you, especially if you are unable to get a new garbage can.


Whether you notice wildlife poking through your garbage once a week or once a month, these methods never hurt to try. Especially if you are having to pick up the mess these animals leave behind. The only thing worse than dealing with the trash is having to do it twice. To learn more about wildlife prevention methods and wildlife removal services, give us a call today at (954) 329-0264.

Here’s What You Can Expect During the Termite Extermination Process!

Termite Extermination

If you have been noticing small holes in your drywall, your wood furniture sounding hollow when tapped, and peeling paint then you probably have a termite infestation. While termites do cause damage to the home, they can be put to a stop with a pest control company such as Quality Pest Control. Our team can make sure your termite problems cease to exist after we are done exterminating your home. You may be wondering what the process is going to look like and how long it’s going to take, this is a valid concern. We know exterminations can raise a lot of concerns, especially if you have never had to go through one before. However, you have nothing to worry about with us on your side, your home is in good hands. We will make sure your home is safe and you know exactly what to expect every step of the way. Nonetheless, if you do want to read up on the process to get an idea before giving us a call, we have included everything you need to know in this blog post.


Liquid Pesticides

Depending on the severity of your infestation will determine what kind of method needs to be used. For an average infestation, you can expect a liquid pesticide to be used. The exterminators will apply the liquid to the affected areas and drill holes in the wall so the pesticide can seep in and take effect. Then we will apply the pesticide around your home so that any termites that are trying to get into the home cannot do so. This method is very effective; however, you must talk to your exterminator about any concerns you may have with the pesticides. Some people have pets and children and would prefer them to not be exposed to any remaining pesticides after the extermination has been done. If you find yourself concerned about this we can make sure that we find a pesticide that is not harmful to you and your loved ones.


Termite Baits

Termite baits are often used with liquid pesticides to hit other areas of the property that the pesticides may not have been able to reach. When exterminating we try and cover all of the areas, even leaving one termite behind can cause trouble in the future. While the liquid is placed on the perimeter of the house and in the walls the bait is placed in nesting areas. This works by grabbing the attention of the termites, seeing the termite eat the bait, and thus killing them. The method is very effective and stops the termites in the nest from continuing to grow the colony. Failing to eradicate all termites in the nest could result in more being produced and another infestation occurring.



When an infestation becomes severe the fumigation method is more likely to be utilized. This is one way to ensure the whole house and surrounding property are free of termites. When there gets to be a certain amount it can be hard to truly know they all are gone, thus, why fumigation is an easier and more direct process. During a fumigation, your exterminator will place a tent around your home then have chemicals released inside the tent. The chemicals will kill any termites that are in the home. This process may be done a few times, usually between 1-3 days, to get every last termite in the home. The worse the infestation is, the more time it’s going to take. During this time you may want to find a hotel or a friend or family member to stay with just in case you cannot go back to your home as quickly as you had thought. Once the fumigation process is done your exterminator will come out to the home to check on the air levels. This is so you do not come back to your home and breathe in any toxic chemicals. Once given the okay you can come back to your now termite-free home.


There is no doubt about it, termites are stressful to deal with from discovery until extermination. However, with Quality Pest Control on your side, you can rest assured that your home will be in good hands. Our team will make sure you are aware of the extermination method and chemicals being used, that way if you have any preferences or problems we can make sure that is addressed. When you work with us you will find that your stresses will fade away. To learn more about termites and the extermination process, give us a call today at (954) 329-0264.

Your Guide on How to Safely Remove Honey Bees From Your Home

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Honey bees are those bugs that we all get kind of freaked out about but know better than to deal with ourselves. As of recent, it has become widespread news that honey bees are a vital part of the environment, with them even being recognized by the Florida Department of Agriculture. This means that even though we may hate to see them near us, we cannot act on our fear and squash them the way we do other insects. For those who think they may have a honey bee problem, this news may be bothersome; however, there are ways to get rid of your honey bee problem morally and effectively. The best way to do this is to have a professional come on out and deal with it for you, such as our team members at Quality Pest Control. We are knowledgeable on all things pest control and can make sure your honey bee problem is fixed without having to hurt any bees in the process. If you have seen a few bees but are not sure if there is even a problem to be addressed, then give us a call and we can come on out and do an evaluation for you. As we like to say, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.


What are the Signs of a Honey Bee Infestation?

You may see a few honey bees and assume that they are just making their way around the neighborhood. You may even notice that they have formed a small beehive in a corner of your patio and think nothing of it. This is oftentimes the case, but sometimes they seem to take a pit stop and make themselves at home for the long haul. This isn’t the worst thing if it’s only a few bees; although, this is how it usually starts before they begin to multiply. If you are not sure if you have a legitimate bee problem on your hands then there are a few signs you can keep an eye out for. First things first, one of the definite signs of an infestation is buzzing and humming sounds being heard in your house. This noise is not necessarily coming from inside your home but rather outside your home. If you are hearing buzzing while trying to get some sleep you have more than your average amount of bees hanging around your home. This humming spells out a large problem as bee humming is not particularly loud.


The second sign you should keep an eye out for is wet spots. Wet spots occur when the bees honey has melted and seeped through your ceiling and walls into your home. Again, melted honey is not a problem when there are only a few bees. The few bees would not be physically able to produce enough honey to get this effect; however, a large number of bees could most definitely produce enough honey for it to melt into your home. This sign is probably the worst one because at this point you are facing some serious damage to your home along with an infestation. We recommend calling our team when you begin to notice this problem.


The last sign you will begin to notice is honey bees making an appearance in your home. While this is unlikely to become a big problem for you, you might begin to notice some slipping in when you try and enter your home. This is due to there being so many honey bees that the odds of a bee coming into your home is naturally going to increase. When this happens, try and not panic. Instead, try finding a way to safely let it out of the house without harming it in the process.


If any of the above signs apply to you then you may want to consider giving our team at Quality Pest Control a call. These signs indicate that there is a strong bee population around your home that needs to be removed. While you can easily spray chemicals at these bugs, we strongly advise against it as bees are so critical to the environment. The only way to safely remove the problem is to have a professional come on out and help you. We know exactly what procedure to follow to ensure your home is secure from bees while the bees are safely relocated. To learn more about honey bee removal and our pest control services, give us a call today at (954) 329-0264.

3 Proven Methods to Keep Bugs Out of Your House

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 Everyone has had to deal with the occasional bug entering their home unwelcomed. This is usually just seen as a minor inconvenience; however, if it is happening more often than you would like then there is probably a problem you need to address. Similar to how lice do not like clean scalps, bugs do not like clean houses. A clean house does not provide food for bugs nor does it offer them many places to discreetly hide. This is why a clean home is just one of the many methods proven to keep bugs out of the house. While you may still see a bug now and again, it will certainly not be a common occurrence. Here at Quality Pest Control, we know all of the tips and tricks to keep your home a bug free one. Although, if the situation has gotten out of control, we are always a phone call away. For all of your bug needs, we are here to assist you any way we can.


How Can You Keep Bugs Out of the House?

The simple answer is to not allow bugs to come in and ft home. Bugs are naturally outdoor creatures and should not come into your home and feel like your home can be compared to the outdoors. With this in mind here are 5 methods we recommend for preventing bugs from feeling at home in your home.


Method 1: Keep Your Home Clean

The easiest method of keeping bugs out of your home is to make sure your house is always clean. This means that you are going to need to do a deep clean now and again and maintain a certain standard of cleanliness daily. Even allowing a mess to sit throughout the night can attract bugs to your home. If you are someone who likes to go down in the middle of the night and grab a snack then be sure to clean up after yourself. No matter when and where a mess happens you need to clean it up right away.


Method 2: Stay on Top of the Kitchen & Other Dining Areas

The kitchen is the area that is most likely to attract any bugs. This is because bugs are commonly after food and shelter, both things a kitchen can give them. The best way to keep them out is by putting all opened food into containers, wiping down countertops regularly, doing all dishes in a timely fashion, and sweeping the floor. Bugs will go after every little crumb you leave behind; they are not picky when it comes to food making it even more important to stay on top of the kitchen.


Method 3: Address the Problem Immediately

One of the more common kinds of pest people see is ants. Ants tend to flock to even the smallest of crumbs left behind. And as soon as they flock they are there to stay. The only way to get ahead of the problem is to address it as soon as you notice it. As soon as you see the first ant, you need to assume there are hundreds of others that are in hiding, waiting to come out and explore your home. We recommend putting up ant traps in the areas you commonly see them so that you can stop the problem before our team at Quality Pest Control need to step in. For every other type of pest, there are different kinds of sprays you can use to stop them in their tracks. By doing this you are controlling a small nuisance and preventing it from being a huge problem. We know it sounds crazy to take a lot of precaution because of one bug but bugs multiply at a quick rate and will become comfortable with your home even quicker.


To learn more about what you can do to prevent pests our team at Quality Pest Control are here to help you. We have all of the answers to your pest questions. If you have been attempting the above methods and have not noticed any improvement in your situation we are more than happy to come on out and evaluate your home for any infestations. Give us a call today at (239) 540-2359 to set up your evaluation.

Everything You Need to Know About Honey Bees

Honey Bee Removal | Honey Bee Infestation

In Florida it isn’t unusual to see honey bees roaming about; however, it can still be quite scary for those who are allergic to these insects and to those who have a fear of them. Honey bees are known to hang out in their hives that can usually be found in an outdoor corner of your home. While these bugs do roam about, they usually tend to mind their business unless bothered. Although, once they grow pretty big as a colony, they can become a nuisance or concern for many people. When this becomes the case, it may be time to phone the experts and consider getting the bees removed or relocated. Removing bees from the home can get a negative rep sometimes, but we choose to think of it as a way of educating the people we visit while helping them out with their problem. These honey bees are very crucial to the environment and are even recognized by the Florida Department of Agriculture, making the removal service a careful one. We use this time to give you all the honey bee facts so that you can be informed about their vital role to the environment while we save your house from any further hive damage.


Signs of a Honey Bee Infestation


Honey bee infestations are usually not obvious at first due to them being all over the place during the warmer months. Although, there a few signs you can look out for that well tell you if you have honey bees or a honey bee infestation. One of the surefire signs of an infestation is buzzing and humming sounds being heard in your house. This does not mean that the bees are in the house, rather that there are so many of them outside your home in a particular area that you can hear them while inside your house. You won’t hear just a few as the buzzing and humming sounds are not too loud; however, once the honey bee colony has grown to large size you will begin to hear the sounds as they collectively buzz and hum. Another sign that is easy to spot is a “wet spot”. What we mean by a wet spot is melted honey or wax comb on your ceilings and walls. Once the infestation has grown you will begin to see these melted substances melt into your home from the outside. This can cause quite a bit of damage to the home so it’s critical to pay attention to other signs before it gets this bad. The last sign you will see is honey bees in your home. This one is a little bit more unlikely than the other two; nonetheless, it happens to many people who are dealing with an infestation. The honey bees will begin to fly through your home in hopes they find food to munch on. When this starts to happen it’s time to call in an expert such as one from Quality Pest Control to get rid of these bees safely and carefully.


If you have begun to notice any of the above signs, then there is no doubt that you are dealing with a honey bee infestation in your home. Honey bees are not the worst pest to infest your home; however, they do come with some drawbacks as any pest does. One of the worst drawbacks is that it is very frowned upon to get rid of these bugs by yourself. Honey bees are a vital part of the environment, with one single bee having the ability to pollinate many crops. Because of this ability and the fact that honey bees are getting closer and closer to being on the endangered species list, it is best to have a professional come out and deal with them for you. This is why it is so important to look out for any of the above signs so our team at Quality Pest Control can come out and deal with your problem for you. If you think that any of the above signs apply to you then it does not hurt to give us a call. Contact us today at (239) 540-2359 to learn more about our honey bee services.

3 Signs You Have Bed Bugs

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It’s fair to say that all bugs are pretty horrible to deal with; however, bed bugs take the cake. These little critters are very sneaky and can be hard to get rid of at times. They tend to hide in the most inconspicuous of places making them able to multiply at alarming rates, and since these creatures are nocturnal you probably won’t even know they exist for some time. Similar to other pest infestations, you will not always know that you have a bed bug infestation until the infestation is considerably large. The trick to dealing with them efficiently is to know all of the signs that they have entered your home so that you can stop the infestation before it becomes too large of an issue. This is where Quality Pest Control comes in. We know all of the signs to keep an eye out for so that you can hopefully stop the infestation from growing larger, although, no matter how big or small of an infestation you are going to need professional help to get rid of these pests for good.


How to Tell When There’s a Bed Bug Infestation


Some of the signs of a bed bug infestation may seem obvious at first; however, some of the signs can be interchangeable with other types of pest and rodent infestations. Due to this, it is important to know as many signs as possible to rule out other kinds of pests. Whether you have bed bugs or not, Quality Pest Control can get rid of any pest problem you have.


. Blood Stains


Since bed bugs need blood to survive, they will usually come out of their hiding place once or twice a week to feed. Although they can live up to a year without a host, they are selfish and prefer to get more blood throughout the week. After a bed bug is done feeding, they will crawl back into their hiding place leaving behind a trail of bloodstains. These stains are usually found closer to the edge of the bed as most bed bugs like to hide in the headboard or box spring of the bed.


. Itchy Bites


This sign of bed bugs is a tricky one as many other pests can cause itchy skin. Compared to the other kinds of pests that like to bite, bed bugs have a unique way of getting blood from humans that can help you pick their bites apart from others. A bed bug bite will leave redness in the area and will be in a diagonal zig-zag line on the skin. These bites are smaller in the size and tend to lay flat on the skin similar to how a scratch would. Bed bugs typically bite the same area and will do so in a line format, opposite of how fleas or ants would bite. They also tend to go for areas of the skin that are out in the open as opposed to areas that are underneath your blankets and comforters.


. There’s an Odor


Like most pests and pest infestations, after the problem gets rather large and odor will begin to constantly linger in the air. Every infestation has its unique odor and this rings especially true for bed bug infestations. These bugs emit an odor that has commonly be compared to a wet towel and a dirty locker in a locker room. If you are starting to notice this scent particularly in your bedroom then chances are that you have a sizeable bed bug infestation. It’s important to keep this scent in mind as soon as you are suspicious since the scent will only get stronger as the infestation gets bigger.


For all of your bed bug issues, Quality Pest Control is here to help. Our team of experts has handled plenty of bed bug cases successfully and will be able to handle yours as well. We know all of bed bugs tricks and how to get to all of their hiding places. After we are done with our extermination process you can be sure to get a good night’s sleep free of the stress from the horrible pests. If any of the above signs are present in your home, then it may be time to give one of our team members a call. When it comes to pests it’s always better to call and be safe than sorry. Reach out to us today at (954) 329-0264 to hear more about our bed bug services.