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What to Expect When You Call Pest Control in Cape Coral

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Maybe you have never had an infestation before, or have had no issues with animals, all great things. But, recently bugs or animals have begun to creep up on you and show signs of invading your home. When this happens you may be hesitant to call the pest control company. However, the sooner you either confirm your suspicions or learn you are being over-cautious, the sooner you will have some peace of mind. Nothing keeps people up at night like the image of bugs crawling around their home. The biggest issue with bugs too is that once they call your home their home, they spread like wildfire. The only real solution here is extermination or removal. But rest assured that when you call Quality Pest Control you are getting premier service and a team that is knowledgeable about all things bugs and pest removal.


An Introduction and Inspection


The first thing you can expect when our team comes to your home is an introduction. We will be sure you know who we are so you feel comfortable with us being inside in your home. Our next goal is to make you feel comfortable with the pest extermination process. During this time we will ask you about the problem you are having and answer any questions you may have. Making sure you know what we are planning on doing will help us do our jobs and help you have peace of mind that your home is in good hands. We then will carry out the inspection. During the inspection, you can expect our team to check out all areas of the home. From the windows to the pipes, we need to see it all to accurately determine if you have a pest problem. The inspection is a lengthier process just because we need to evaluate even the tiniest crack and crevices. Pests never come in through obvious entryways, meaning if there is a problem we need to find the inconspicuous entry point.

Yard Examination

The inspection does not end with the interior of the home. We also have to check out the yard to see if there is anything worth noting outside. For instance, termites eat the wood in your home but they usually have a nest outside. Figuring out where the critters come from can only help us with the extermination. Or, in the case of bees the removal.


Environment Check

 This may come as a surprise but, included in the visit is an environment check. We do this in the home to see what the air is like. The more moist and humid, the more likely you are to have a pest problem now and in the future. Most pests enjoy the warm and wet environment so if you have a problem this could be why. And if you don’t have a problem then it’s good to know how to prevent one.



After factoring in all of the information we gathered we will be able to give you an answer as to whether you have a pest problem or not. It may take us a few minutes to gather all the information; however, once we are done you will know all you need to about the state of your home. If you do happen to have an issue then we will go over how we can fix it for you and what your options are. We also will answer any questions you have about the extermination process. If you do not have an issue, we will go over some prevention tactics with you and advise you on things to be cautious of. For instance, if the house is humid we may advise you to fix that to prevent bugs in the future from coming in.


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Whether you are confident you have a pest problem, or just have your suspicions, it doesn’t hurt to have a professional come out and give your home a look. Our team will make sure you feel comfortable and in the know throughout the entire process. To learn more about our services here at Quality Pest Control, located in Cape Coral, give us a call today at (239) 540-2359.

3 Methods That Will Keep Bugs Out of Your House

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Your opinion on bugs may be that they are disgusting and frightening, or it may be one of indifference. Either way, you probably do not want them roaming around your home. Bugs tend to make your home their home when they find it to meet their standards. And trust us when we say that their standards aren’t too high. This makes it extra important to know the common ways to keep your home bug free. It simply is not enough to assume a decently clean home will do the trick. If you are however struggling with a larger bug problem and suspect an infestation, then it’s time to have a professional take a look at your home. For all of your infestation needs our team at Quality Pest Control, located in Cape Coral, is here for you.


Window and Door Screens

Although many homes these days come with the window and door screens set up, some homes simply don’t have them. These screens are also prone to be damaged with wear and tear done over time. You may notice any of the above problems and figure it’s not a priority; however, if you have bugs in your home this could be the reason why. These screens protect from many bugs no matter how large or small. While you may get the occasional mosquito or fly, you won’t see bugs in mass amounts entering your home. With the cooler months on the horizon, it can make sense why some people would leave their windows and doors open. After all, nothing beats the cool, fresh air of fall and winter. But if you are going to do so make sure you are protecting your home with a screen. You’ll still be able to get all the benefits of opening your windows and doors, just with the added benefit of being bug proof.


Keep Food Organized and the Kitchen Clean

One of the easiest ways to avoid having unwanted pests in your home is to ensure your kitchen is always organized and clean. Bugs are always looking for their next meal. If there are any crumbs leftover on your floor, countertops, and tables, bugs will find it. Even dog food crumbs call their name. Doing an extra look over to make sure everything is clean after you eat could save you from a hassle in the future. This also includes organization. Opening up a bag of chips and leaving them in a cabinet or pantry is not organized enough. Bugs can sniff out the open bag of chips with ease. This isn’t just a crumb situation either, the whole bag is a meal for weeks. Making sure to store food items in containers will keep bugs away and keep the scent of food hidden.


Keep Your Yard in Check

Most people are pros at keeping the interior of their home clean, but what about the exterior? The exterior of your home is one of the most important parts to keep clean. This is due to all of the pests that make their home outside. While most bugs you will not be able to get rid of in your backyard, keeping your lawn in check will keep the bugs to a minimum. The fewer bugs outside the less likely they will make their way indoors to your home. You don’t need to have the perfect looking yard, but a simple cut of the grass can go a long way. Keeping an eye out for water that is pooling is also a great hack. Bugs such as mosquitos love bodies of water, so eliminating water pooled together can do wonders.

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Have you seen the occasional bug in your home? If so, it’s time to give some of these methods a try. When it comes to bugs prevention is everything. Sure seeing one or two bugs every couple of months is no big deal; however, if you start to see them more and more you may have a problem on your hands. To learn more about bug prevention in your home, or to have one of our experts come on by, give us a call today at (239) 540-6847.

The 3 Most Common Kinds of Ants Pest Control Can Help With

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We all know what ants look like, tiny and black, brown, or red with little legs. As far as naming which ant is what type of species, well, that’s a mystery to most of us. Due to ant’s small size, it can be hard to figure out which kind of ant has been the one invading your home. While you probably want the ants gone regardless of species, knowing which ants you have can help get rid of them more effectively. For starters, in Florida there are going to be different species that stand out are more commonly see than when you go to other states and countries. Even just having the base knowledge on a few of the common Florida ants will prove to be more of a benefit than you know. You may not know where to start in your ant education; however, you don’t need to worry about that.

Our team at Quality Pest Control has come up with our own little cheat sheet.


Carpenter Ant

This kind of ant bears a resemblance to termites due to their tendency to be drawn to wood. Instead of feasting on the wood, they instead choose to make it their homes. While they may not consume the wood they still cause a lot of structural damage to the home by simply living in it. If your home has wood inside of it or is made out of wood, beware of these kinds of ants. If you don’t have much wood then you may want to check the moisture of your home. These pests also like moist and humid environments. This means you can also find them hiding out in the bathtub, the sink, and around roof leaks. If you are unsure if this is the type of ant in your home, take a look at where they are nesting or tend to be found. You can also identify them by their large, for an ant, and black appearance.


White Footed Ant 

The white-footed ant has quickly become a common pest in the State of Florida. With their colonies being able to grow as large as 3 million ants it’s no wonder they seem to be everywhere. Homeowners usually report seeing this kind of ant in their kitchen, bathroom, and around the exterior of their homes. Because these ants like sweeter foods and plants to feast on, they will go after this kind of food either in your kitchen or in your yard. Still not sure if these pests are the ones causing you issues? You can identify them by their brownish and blackish exterior along with their whiteish and yellowish legs. There’s no doubt you will be able to tell these pests apart from the other species of ants.


Fire Ant 

The majority of people are familiar with the fire ant. They are red and fierce when they attack. These ants will quickly leave you with multiple bites if you get in their way. While the bites are not too painful, they will leave you with itchy blisters. The best way to approach these ants is not to. Leave it to the professionals. People usually find these pests in their homes during periods of drought, intense cycles of rain, and on extremely hot days. It’s no wonder Floridians see these pests quite often. Especially during the summer months where Florida is known to have tons of rain and intense heat. Keeping your home as clean as possible will assist with keeping these bugs out; however, if you still notice them, call our team to help exterminate them for good.


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It’s true what they say, Florida is home to all kinds of insects and animals. While this is just a part of living here, there are ways to keep these pests out of your home. If you do happen to have a difficult time keeping them out, our team of professionals can help you. Here at Quality Pest Control, we know how to get the pests out and keep them out. To learn more about our extermination services, contact us today!

New Homeowners Need Pest Control in Davie

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If you’re a new homeowner in Davie, it is important to get your house inspected for pests and insects. South Florida’s environment breeds pests that you do not want in your home. Instead of waiting for an infestation, be proactive, and start with pest management in Davie today! At Quality Pest Control we make it our goal to satisfy our clients 100% with our pest management systems in Davie. If you want to keep the pests away, we’ll take the correct measures in protecting your home from any unwanted pests.

The list for pests goes on and on, but there are different pest management systems for each one. No two pests are alike and we understand the differences in controlling and managing them in Davie. If you want to begin pest management for your home in Davie, our services span far and wide, so we can ensure your home will be pest free. Not to mention, we only utilize the latest and safest pest management techniques in Davie.

With our green solutions, we protect your home from any pest invasions. We understand that chemicals are not always the answer. While they may prevent pests, chemicals are dangerous to other factors surrounding your home and the environment. With termite control, rodent control, lawn spraying, and more, we make it our duty to protect your home and serve your home. We also offer fumigation to get rid of pests regardless of their stages in life. Of course, pest management is easier to handle before there is a full-blown infestation, but we are prepared to assist at any stage.

Pests can enter your home through unknown cracks and holes, hide in carpet, and in some cases, survive through certain methods of pest control. If you are not taking the right precautions in pest management on your own, the professionals at Quality Pest Control are here to steer you in the right direction. We have been in the pest management business in Davie for over thirty years and we know how to get rid of pests without harming the surroundings of your home.

Give us a call to learn more about our pest management systems for your home in Davie. Our team of professionals will make sure your home stays pest and insect-free!

Get Rid of Termites with Termite Treatment in Davie

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Are you looking for the best termite treatment in Davie? At Quality Pest Control we’re here to help! We offer expert approaches to termite control in Davie. We can care for commercial properties and homes as well. Termites are pests that destroy structural systems and can even cause health concerns. If you have termite troubles, it’s time to call our team at Quality Pest Control for your termite treatment in Davie. 

Did you know that termites can be damaging to your health? These pests can create many challenges in structures that create health issues. For example, as termites break down wood structures, they may cause mold to develop in your home or business. Mold can be highly destructive on its own, and it can be incredibly harmful. Termites can also create termite droppings, known as frass. This frass can exacerbate allergy symptoms along with agitating respiratory conditions such as asthma.  

The sooner you schedule your termite treatment in Davie, the better! Our termite experts at Quality Pest Control offer a variety of approaches for termite control in Davie, including: 

  • Lawn spraying 
  • Fumigation 
  • Underground barriers 
  • Subterranean treatments 

Fighting termites starts by calling our team at Quality Pest Control for your termite treatment in Davie. Whether you’re in need of full fumigation or you’re searching for preventative termite control techniques, our team can help. We can assess your termite troubles, and we can recommend your best approaches to termite control in Davie. Preventative care is key in preventing large-scale termite infestations.  

If you’ve just finished fighting a termite infestation, it’s important to find your best approaches to termite control in Davie. At Quality Pest Control we’re here to help! We offer expert approaches to termite control, such as underground barriers and other termite treatment techniques. Call our office today to schedule your consultation. Don’t let termites take over, with our termite control in Davie, it’s easy to keep your home or business termite-free!

Find Pest Management Services in Davie

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Termites, pests, and rodents are uninvited guests that could be in your home. At Quality Pest Control we have a team of pest control experts who can help keep these pests and other rodents out of your home. Termites have the potential to cause a lot of damage to homes before they’re even noticed. They can enter your home and get into the structure of your home and begin destroying the wood and other parts of your home. At Quality Pest Control we provide effective pest management in Davie. Our experts will make sure that your home is safe and protected, avoiding potential issues with termites and other bugs and insects.  

Termites have the potential to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to properties and can cause a lot of headaches for homeowners. If you suspect a termite or pest problem in your home now is the time to call our professionals at Quality Pest Control. We can provide you with the best pest management options in Davie.

Don’t risk having damage to your home because of unwanted pests or termites. Work with our experienced pest management team for all your termite and pest control needs in Davie.  

The warm and humid climate in South Florida can be the perfect breeding ground for pests and termites. Keeping your family and home safe with effective pest management is important. Traps and certain sprays are only a temporary solution if you have bugs, pests, or termites in your home.

Working with our professionals at Quality Pest Control will ensure that you get the right pest and termite control you need to eliminate these pests for good. With the right pest management in Davie, you won’t have to worry about pests or termites in your home any longer.  

If you’re looking for pest management options in Davie call our team at Quality Pest Control today. Pests and especially termites have the potential to destroy your home and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage before you even realize they’re in your home.

Don’t risk your home being damaged from pesky termites and pests. Work with our pest management team at Quality Pest Control and see how we can provide you with the quality pest control techniques you need to keep your home and family safe. 

Find Quality Termite Extermination in Davie

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Termites are highly destructive pests that can attack properties all throughout Davie. Though Davie is a planned community bringing business and homes of all sizes to the area, the community is not immune to termite troubles. Do you need termite extermination in Davie? If so, it’s time to call on our team at Quality Pest Control! Our pest control experts can help get rid of termite troubles in properties of all sizes. Whether you need underground solutions, fumigation or other approaches to termite control, we can help.


The initial signs of termite troubles can be tough to spot. Many people may not recognize the initial signs of a termite infestation. But, not to worry! Our team at Quality Pest Control can help. We offer expert approaches to termite extermination in Davie. You may need termite extermination if you’re seeing signs such as:

  • Termite frass
  • Mud tunnels around walls or foundations
  • Hollow sounding wood
  • Sagging flooring
  • Discarded termite wings
  • Arboreal termite nests
  • Swarming termites
  • Peeling wallpaper


Did you know that a queen termite can live up to 50 years, producing tens of thousands of eggs per year? In Davie’s warm climate, egg production virtually never slows, meaning a termite problem won’t go away on its own. If you’re ready to treat your termite troubles, you need to start by calling our experts at Quality Pest Control for termite extermination in Davie.

Are you looking to get rid of termites in your home or business? It all starts by calling our team at Quality Pest Control for your termite extermination in Davie. Getting rid of termites can seem like a challenge, but the right help makes all the difference. We know that termites create extensive networks requiring far-reaching extermination approaches. We can help with our expansive termite extermination in Davie. For far-reaching colonies, we may suggest tenting and fumigation. For termite troubles throughout your property, lawn spraying may help.


We also offer subterranean termite prevention approaches. With our mesh underground barriers, you can keep termites away! These barriers prevent termite infestations from occurring in the first place. Whether you’re looking for termite prevention or termite extermination in Davie, you can count on our team at Quality Pest Control. Call us today to get started! 

3 Reasons Fire Ants Flock to Your Home

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If you thought regular ants were bad, you will despise the Southern Fire Ant. These ants are known to be brightly red-colored and sting any human that dares cross its path. These ants may look underwhelming; however, their stings burn and itch for days after the attack. We aren’t just talking about a singular ant too, fire ants like to stick together. This means that if you get in the way of one, the others are not too far behind. While we usually do not see these ants in the home as often as the typical black colored ant, it does happen from time to time. The only way to keep out is to learn what exactly it is that attracts them to the house. This is important for the sake of yourself and the sake of your home. Once these ants make themselves at home they tend to do some damage. To avoid these problems keep reading below to learn what not to do.


Movement of Plants

This doesn’t help everyone avoid these ants, but if gardening or keeping flowers in the home are things you like, then this applies to you. Having flowers or plants of any kind be moved from outdoors or a store inside your home can cause fire ants to make your home theirs. Even having a few of these ants is just enough for them to create a whole nest and tribe. To avoid having this problem we recommend looking over and washing any plants that come from stores. This way if there is a fire ant or any other bugs on your plant, you can get rid of them before they call your home their home. This is also true of any plants you have grown or had sitting outside. Fire ants love plants and will quickly flock to them when outdoors. Examining your plants before moving them around will save you a larger hassle in the long run.


A Messy Home

Similar to other kinds of bugs, having a messy home will attract fire ants. Bugs, like us humans, require food, shelter, and water. These are all things your home can easily provide given they get access to it. Cleaning up all food crumbs and messes rapidly will turn ants off from entering your home. This doesn’t just apply to human messes either; clean up your dog’s messes and any food they have left behind. Ants love dog food and will be more drawn to your house if its frequently laying around. Another pro tip for cleaning up, never let the trash be dumped too close to your home. Having your trash near the lawn and the home will attract ants inside your home. If the trash is going outside make sure to put it as far away from your house as possible.


Faulty Construction Practices

This reason for fire ants is not always in the control of the homeowner; however, it can be a large contributing factor to why fire ants flock to your home. An aspect of this you can control though is properly sealing windows. Fire ants like to creep in through a variety of ways. Leaving windows open or not sealed correctly gives them the perfect opportunity to sneak into your home. Be sure to also regularly check any holes or cracks in the walls, especially those near plumbing. You may not notice the ants at first, but you will eventually notice soil or dirt in these areas. Fire ants like to bring these supplies into your home so they can make their living situation while in your home. If you see this then call an exterminator right away.


Fire ants are not enjoyable to approach outdoors and most definitely are not enjoyable when seen in your home. To keep them out of your home, making sure you do not do the three items above will help. Although, if you already have noticed soil, dirt, or ants in the home, then it’s time to give our team at Quality Pest Control a call. To learn more about fire ants and what attracts them to your home, give us a call today!

Everything You Need to Know About the White Footed Ant

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Everyone is aware of what ants look like and how there are different kinds. But, not too many people are aware of what a white-footed ant is. These kinds of ants are one of the more common kinds that are known to be culprits of infestations, making them even more important to be aware of. Coming in at about one-eighth of an inch long, these ants are tiny. They are recognizable by their black body with pale white color at the end of all of its legs, hence where the name white-footed ant comes from. While these ants, unlike the red ant, do not sting or bite, they can be quite a nuisance to have in your home. While you can get rid of some of them on your own, if the infestation has grown to be rather large then it may be better to call in the pest control experts. Here at Quality Pest Control, we know how stressful it can be to deal with an infestation, which is why we are dedicated to helping you with all of your pest problems. If you think some of the characteristics of these ants match those in your home, save yourself the hassle and give us a call.


Where Can You Find the White Footed Ant?

White-footed ants can usually be found in the southern part of Florida. These ants love the warm, humid weather and often are found outdoors in nests. These nests tend to be underneath objects such as trees, potted plants, bricks, and mulch. Although, once these ants get established within your home they can set up shop inside your walls, under household objects, and in the carpet.


How Do White Footed Ants Behave?

These ants typically do their feeding at night, making them harder to spot once they have made themselves comfortable in your home. Some of the things they like to feed on are honeydew, nectar, water, and sweet liquids of any kind. This makes them more likely to enjoy items in your kitchen as compared to other bugs. Similar to other kinds of ants, the white-footed ant will have some of its colony go out and get food to eat while others stay behind to lay eggs. In contrast to other kinds of ants, the white-footed ants do not like to share food with others. Because of this the other ants that stay behind will lay eggs called trophic eggs and eat those instead of the found food.


How You Can Prevent These Ants

These ants can be prevented through a variety of methods such as eliminating any piles of bricks, lumber, or other forms of debris from your property. These items are the perfect location for white-footed ants to set up shop. The last thing you want is these objects finding their way close to your home and leading ants right into your house. Keeping these landscape items as far away from your home as possible is another great method for keeping the ants away. We understand that you can only put them so far; however, even pushing them back a few inches can help. We also recommend checking out your sprinkler system and the direction the water goes. If the water looks to be spraying on to your home then you should look into moving the sprinkler head to face another direction. The constant water being sprayed on your home can attract the ants and cause an infestation to occur.


If you have seen these ants, or any other bugs, inside your home and think something is off, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We can make sure we come on out to your home to evaluate the situation for you. When it comes to infestations, it’s never a bad idea to be overly cautious. The thought of living with bugs inside your home may be a disturbing one, but that isn’t even the worst part of the grand scheme of things. Bugs are also known to do severe damage to the home the longer they inhabit it, making it that much more important to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. To learn more about white-footed ants and our extermination process, give us a call today!

What Kind of Pests Do We Remove and Exterminate?

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Living in Florida we are known for our variety of pests, from insects to wildlife, we truly are home to it all. This can be great as nature is enjoyable; however, pests always come with some problems when they intrude in our homes or property. While we can’t control the occasional roach or ant seen in our homes, we can get rid of infestations. An infestation is when there is an abnormally large number of insects or animals in a place, or in this case your home. When this happens it can traumatic and disturbing for those who have to leave with it. Not only are these pests and animals unsightly in the home, but they also can do a lot of home damage and carry diseases. This can be a very expensive and unhealthy problem to have. When it comes to an infestation the only way you can stop it is through extermination methods. This brings us to the most common question we get asked here at Quality Pest Control, what kinds of pests are we able to help out with.


Here at Quality Pest Control in Cape Coral, Florida, we can help out with many different kinds of pests. We understand how horrible leaving in an infestation can be and will try and use all of our resources to help you out. Whether you know you have an infestation or are just suspicious of one, we are here for you.



One of the worst infestations to deal with are cockroach infestations. These pests are known by their large in size appearance and dark-colored shell. Roaches are known to come out at night, making it harder to know if they are infesting your home. These pests like to hide in narrow areas such as walls, beneath carpets and mats, and drains.



Termites infestations do not happen as often as some of the others, but they can do some of the worst damage. These pests like to live inside the walls of your home and will feed on anything with wood. This can spell out to be a lot of trouble for those with wood furniture and foundations in their home. Termites are recognizable by how they travel in swarms and their unique droppings.



While ants are one of the most harmless kinds of infestations to have, they can be frustrating. Ants are those pests that never seem to go away no matter how hard we all try. From all of the baits and traps out there, you would think there was a better way to get rid of them, but extermination is the only real way. You’ll know you have an infestation on your hands when you see these pests in large amounts wandering around your home.


Honey Bees

Honey bees have garnered more and more attention in the past years after making the endangered species list. These pests do not mean any harm; however, they do tend to slip into our homes sometimes. If you can avoid killing any of these bees we would recommend that, although, we understand that sometimes we cannot avoid spraying them. If you begin to notice an increase in honey bees on your property give us a call and will come on out and safely relocate them for you. This way you and the bees remain safe and unharmed.



Wildlife extermination and removal are some of the least commonly used services we offer. While people do not tend to think of wildlife when they think of Florida, we still have many critters that can be pesky. Animals such as raccoons have been known to cause many problems on people’s property with their homes and their trash. If you have seen a raccoon constantly rummaging through your trash then it may be time to have us safely remove the raccoon for you.


If you think you may be dealing with an infestation but are unsure, it’s never a bad idea to give us a call. Our team can come on out to your home and exam the property for any bugs or infestations. Best case scenario you were overly cautious and have peace of mind, worst case scenario we find an infestation and can discuss extermination options with you. When it comes to pests, it’s always better to be safe and protect your home and health than to be sorry. To learn more about pests we exterminate or to schedule a visit, give us a call today at (239) 540-2359.