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Quality Pest Control is a premium pest control company providing high-quality services to citizens of South Florida.

We know that living in this area comes with unique hardships, such as the somewhat temperamental weather that can quickly change from chilly to very humid, bringing lots of rain and causing pests to infest your homes and businesses at a greater degree. Not to mention that this area, in particular, is known for an infamous hurricane season that leaves Florida’s homeowners feeling vulnerable to all sorts of threats. Whether you are recovering from a devastating hurricane season, you’re taking pest control prevention measures, or you want to effectively tackle a current problem in your home or office, the wonderful and attentive team at Quality Pest Control is here when you need us most.

Every great pest control company needs a great team and Quality Pest Control is pleased to have the leading crew for pest control.

Our team is full of experienced, knowledgeable and professionally trained individuals who have devoted their careers to ensure that your residential and commercial properties are free of pests, whatever they may be. We work around the clock, putting to use the most advanced tools and resources in each and every project we complete. Priority number one is and will always be customer satisfaction, which is why before we begin working on any pest control service, we always like to have an initial conversation with the client in order to determine what he or she expects from our services, and whether they have any unique requests that they want us to deliver on. Equally important, the crew at Quality Pest Control is specially trained to follow safe practices that are meant to safeguard you, your family and your pets. If you are looking to rid your home or business of pests while doing so in ways that don’t harm the environment, Quality Pest Control can be the perfect ally in your efforts. We work with environmentally friendly solutions that bring safe and effective resolutions while also part-taking in the efforts to help save our planet!


Experienced, knowledgeable and professionally trained individuals that ensure that your property is free of pest


We work around the clock, putting to use the most advanced tools and resources in each and every project we complete


We use only environmentally friendly solutions that bring safe & effective resolutions in the effort to save our planet

Maybe you’re having serious issues with roaches, rodents, ants, termites, flies, gnats, or other kinds of pests, and you’re unsure about how to proceed.

Should you tackle the problem yourself? Could home remedies and retail traps be the solution you’ve been looking for? In our experience, these options aren’t the most effective and they’re just typically buying some time, if any, for the real solution to come around. Each of these pests poses a different threat, and should therefore be handled differently, depending on the nature of the menace. Thankfully, when you get in contact with the team of specialists at Quality Pest Control, you are entrusting the process to individuals who know precisely how to best proceed in every one of these scenarios. For more information about us and how we can help you tackle the pests disturbing your peace and that of your family, contact Quality Pest Control today.

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