On the Lookout for the Best Structural Fumigation in South Florida?

At times pest infestations can seem so great in size and damage that it can be difficult to see the way out, but the truth is that there’s always a way out. With structural fumigation in South Florida, you can now aggressively tackle the problem of pests without ever fearing that they will return. While this isn’t a new development and various pest control companies provide it, they don’t all complete the task with the quality and timeliness you require, and that’s where Quality Pest Control stands out. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that pests are no longer a concern for you and that you can go on living your life without constantly having to worry about whether pests may disturb your peace when you least expect it. Learn more about how structural fumigation works and why the team at Quality Pest Control is the perfect fit for the job at hand.

What is Structural Fumigation in South Florida All About?

Structural fumigation is a pest control mechanism that involves filling the airspace within a structure with toxic gas. A tarp, or tent is put in place to cover the structure and contain the gas inside. The gas then works quickly to penetrate the cracks, crevices, and pores in the wood to completely eradicate pests such as drywood termites and bed bugs. Once the tarp is removed, fans are brought out to help the gas escape. There’s no need to worry about whether any left- over residue will remain in the property, because this process is carried out with a level of accuracy and attention to detail to ensure that this does not occur. All of the active ingredients used during structural fumigations in South Florida have been fully approved and can only be used by certified operators. Luckily for you, our team is comprised of certified, knowledgeable and experience individuals who have been working in the pest control industry for years, and who count with the proper training to carry out any kind of structural fumigation, along with other commonly used pest control services. We provide each and every one of our technicians with the most advanced tools and resources to complete the job in a methodical and effective manner.

Steps to Take Before Structural Fumigation in South Florida

Prior to the fumigation, the team at Quality Pest Control will perform a thorough assessment of the property in order to determine what is the best way to proceed and if there are any specific details that they should pay special attention to, in the process. Once they have conducted a full report, they will provide you with some basic instructions and steps to take to ensure the procedure is carried out safely and successfully.

These may include things like:

  • Informing your neighbors,
  • Taking out people, pets (of any kind) and houseplants from the area
  • Removing pockets of gas in the area
  • Removing or double bagging all foods
  • Opening all indoor doors, cabinets, drawers, closets, appliances, etc.
  • Disconnecting or turning off electrical elements & more

If you’re interested in structural fumigation in South Florida, reach out to the wonderful team at Quality Pest Control for detailed and affordable services that you can rely on.